program parti

red _ the conditioned space/the hut itself

blue_transitional space


developing the folds

note the forms bellow were developed on site, rendered outside the site for better understanding of the form.



crown hall on steroids

one of the discussions we had today reminded me of this one interesting project in Sao Paolo.

the Sao Paolo museum of art, built in 1968, designed by Lina Bo Bardi.

folded concrete

another way of achieving a thin concrete structure is by folding the form surfaces. this method is very efficient especially when those take the shape of a dome.

miami marine stadium, built in 1963 designed by Hilario Candela








st. gertrudchurch, built in 1965, designed by Gott­fried Böhm

cement skeleton

found this interesting project that uses 13mm fiber cement panels.  those are costum cut into ribs that form a small transparent pavilion.

an interesting and unorthodox way of using a cement based product. something that is very flat achieves volume.

note: not necessarily a direction i want to take, since its going against the plasticity of concrete.